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Escape, If You Can

Conari Escape Rooms is the most exciting new escape room adventure in the entire Columbia, Missouri area. You and up to 7 other people have to solve riddles, find clues, and unlock the mystery in time to escape the themed room that you choose. Located less than 10 minutes from the Holiday Inn Columbia, Conari Escape Rooms has 3 unique themed rooms. In the first, Scarlet’s House, you and your team have one hour to release the tortured soul of a witch named Scarlet after you are forced into her house by a vicious storm. The second room, Conari Lockup, gives players one hour to escape from their holding cell after being wrongfully imprisoned. In the third experience, VLAD, you have one hour to outwit the bloodthirsty Vlad and save your king before all hope is lost. No matter which room experience you choose, you and your group are sure to have an exciting and mentally stimulating adventure.

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